Chicago 2009

Hanhan and her parents go to Chicago.
Chicago 2009-005
Wrigley Building
Chicago 2009-006
In front of the Coast Guard station
Chicago 2009-007
At the marina with the skyline in the background
Chicago 2009-008
Hanhan & Gary
Chicago 2009-009
Heading for Navy Pier
Chicago 2009-012
Gary & Hanhan go to Navy Pier
Chicago 2009-013
Hanhan & mom with pretty flowers
Chicago 2009-014
Navy Pier
Chicago 2009-016
The Ferris Wheeil
Chicago 2009-020
Looking up to where we'll be
Chicago 2009-021
Going up
Chicago 2009-022
View of the lake from the ferris wheel
Chicago 2009-023
Getting pretty high now
Chicago 2009-024
Gary hates heights
Chicago 2009-026
Mom & dad think its great
Chicago 2009-028
From the highest point
Chicago 2009-029
Very scary here.
Chicago 2009-030
Overview of the pier
Chicago 2009-032
The second highest building in the US, the John Hancock building
Chicago 2009-034
On the water taxi
There's a water cannon ahead
Hanhan and mom think its great that we didn't get wet
Heading through the building canyon
An old drawbridge over the Chicago River
A herd of kayakers on the river
The Sears Tower, we're going to the top
Hanhan is going to the Skydeck, Gary is not
Mom is silly too
Hanhan's dad is afraid to go out on the deck
1261 feet straight down
Zhang family is not afraid (Ha!)
Mom trying to look like she is falling.
Gary & Hanhan on the deck, never again!
This one was closed 'for construction'. Sure thing!
All glass, hanging off the top of the Sears Tower
Gary & Hanhan pose for a photo
Hanhan's parents have never been this high.

A panarama of the lakefront from the Skydeck

Gary & Hanhan far above the city
Hanhan with a photo of where she was
Hanha's mom
The flags of the world
Mom & dad with the flags of the world
The Chicago Theater
Hanhan with the shiny thing
Parents like it too
Playing with the shiny thing
The Sears tower dominates the skyline
Some other buildings in Chicago
Zhang family with the Buckingham Fountain
It was really windy today. The Windy City indeed
Gary & Hanhan get wet
In front of Lake Michigan
Hanhan & Gary