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Chicago July 2008
Hanhan & Gary Take Their First Trip To Chicago.
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Diving into Chicago on Lake Shore Drive.
Hanhan and Buckingham Fountain.
Hanhan closer to the fountain.
Hanhan in front of the Lakeshore.
Buckingham Fountain with the Sears Tower in the background.
Lovely Hanhan with lovely flowers.
Chicago skyline from Grant Park.
Hanhan with the Boy and Turtle.
Hanhan showing us where we are.
Hanhan in front of the marina and Planetarium.
The apartment where Gary will live one day.
African elephants in Field Museum. Yes, they are real.
Sue, a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex!
A real mummy with a golden face.
Various items recovered from a tomb in the pyramids.
The weighing of a dead persons heart. If the heart is heavy the beast will eat them.
The dead person is blessed and sent off to the afterlife.
The coffin that contains a mummy.
A good look at the mummy in a coffin.
The bodies being prepared for mummification.
The priest wears a mask of Isis to pray over the dead.
The organs are removed in this area.
The salt is piled on the bodies to dry them for 40 days. Dogs and rats are kept away.
Now the bodies are wrapped to become mummies.
A boy's coffin and his unwrapped body.
Once the mummy is in the coffin it is sent for burial in the pyramid.
Hanhan in front of a Native American totem.
A closeup of the totem. Each image has a special meaning.
Hanhan on a giant mosaic map of the world.
Maori ceremonial house. Eyes and faces are embedded in the siding.
A Maori totem.
The men who hold up the sky.
Hanhan admiring the detailed carvings.
Hanhan visiting a Chinese store in the South Pacific.
Hanhan on a coral reef.
Hanhan at the top of the entrance to Field Museum. Big place, eh?
Hanhan leaning on the sign for the museum.