Florida 2017

Florida 2017-003
Birthday at Epcot Begins!
Florida 2017-004
Disney's Famous Monorail
Florida 2017-008
Inside the park with the iconic Spaceship Earth
Florida 2017-009
Disney gave us buttons for my birthday.
During the day, everybody was saying 'Happy Birthday' to me!
Florida 2017-014
Virtual Hanhan & Gary.
Lower cost, never tired, no food.
Florida 2017-016
Figment! My old friend!
Florida 2017-017
This is outside Mission Space, they have a Moon model with all the landing site marked on it. This one is Apollo 11.
Florida 2017-019
Hanhan was enjoyiong the flowers in February
Florida 2017-020
We're in Mexico with Mexican Donald Duck
Florida 2017-021
A Norwegian building with a turf roof.
Every pavillion in the World Showcase is very detailed if not exactly authentic.
Florida 2017-022
Me, an ancestor, and a stave church.
Florida 2017-023
Hanhan thought this was me. An honest mistake I guess.
Florida 2017-024
I had the school bread, the one in the foreground. It is a traditional Norwegian treat.
We always have milk, but not Mickey Milk!
Florida 2017-025
Hanhan mistook this troll for me too.
Not an honest mistake this time!
Florida 2017-026
Practicing my Viking conquerer pose.
Florida 2017-028
Took Hanhan back home. This area is half the size of the actual Heaven's Temple.
Florida 2017-030
A typical Chinese garden. They have all the details perfect.
Florida 2017-031
Mulan meet Mulan
Florida 2017-033
We took a pass on the $50 buffet.
Florida 2017-035
A view across the lagoon inside World Showcase.
Guido Gary outside the Itailian Pavillion
Dominick the Christmas Donkey!
The one with the ears is Dominick...
Hanhan with half naked Poseidon.
Japanese warrior drummers.
They came from Tokyo for the performance.
We had a great lunch at the Moroccan pavillion.
Great entertainment including a belly dancer.
I got my fez for the birthday celebration!
Great place!
The bazaar in the Moroccan pavillion.
A gate in the Moroccan pavillion
An intricately carved tower in the Moroccan pavillion
The English garden
This is a spiky tree that has strange fruit. No idea what the name of it is.
It's just cool.
We found Nemo.
Me & Hanhan thought this makes sense.
Spaceship Earth at night.
The next day, we visited Kennedy Space Center.
Self explanatory.
NASA logo projected in the Astronaut training facility.
We met a Shuttle Commander, Jon McBride. Way cool guy, experience, and this alone would have made our day.
Very accomplished, inspiring man.
Hanhan getting into the Shuttle simulator.
Gary floating in.
Look Ma! No hands!
Hanhan being strapped into the multi-axis trainer.
Hanhan on the multi-axis trainer.
The purpose is to simulate a loss of control of a spacecraft.
You are asked questions to see if you are still mentally ok.
I'm being readied for the vomitorium.

Gary on the multi-axis trainer.
No need to ask me questions.
I'm clearly not mentally ok if I'm on this thing!

Me & Hanhan ready to hit the micro-gravity wall.
We'll experience the feeling of zero gravity on the apparatus behind us.
Weightless Hanhan at work.
Our Flight Director, Hanhan Hammer.
Our Flight Director was too talkative on the intercom.
FIDO reminds her to be quiet.
The genuine countdown timer from the Apollo missions.
Nothing more American than this!
Look how small the Mercury capsules are.
Took a lot of guts to strap yourdelf into this and be flung into orbit.
F1 Saturn engine.
Rocket Garden
The original Launch Control room from Apollo.
They show the last three minutes of the launch of Apollo 11, and when it is 'Zero, we have liftoff', the room…
The business end of the Saturn V rocket. This would be the first stage.
You walk under the length of an entire Saturn V rocket complete with Apollo command module.
Second Stage of the Saturn V
All the mission patches are here, but this one is special.
The Eagle has landed!
Third Stage
Command Module and escape rockets.
Hanhan with the Apollo 14 Capsule
Shuttle Atlantis is inside, this is the external fuel tank and booster rockets.
Florida, Hanhan's 50th state!
Under 10 years, well done Hanhan!
Typical Americana.
There were all varities of oranges here.
We took a half bushel home with us.