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Hanibal Trip 2009
Hanhan's Parents Go To Hannibal.
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Mom with bike police, she likes the fat one!
The Zhang family in Hannibal.
Hanhan's parents enjoying Mark Twain's hometown.
The sign explains Hannibal.
Gary & Hanhan are having a nice day away from work.
Hanhan and her dad looking for her mom.
The lighthouse above the trees.
At the founding point of Hannibal.
The Zhang family at the Mark Twain memorial.
On the Mississippi waterfront.
Mark Twain is big here.
Tom loves Becky!
Becky loves Tom!
Hanhan and the fishing pond.
A view from Lover's Leap.
Hanhan's dad at Lover's Leap.
Hanhan and her mom over Hannibal.
The Mark Twain riverboat.
Chairman Mao's wish come true, Hanhan's dad in the Mississippi.
Hanhan and mom play in the Mississippi.
Zhang family at the beach.
Gary throwing Hanhan in Mississippi.
Happy dad visited the Mississippi, fulfilling a dream.
Hanhan's parents in Little America. Couldn't afford Big America.
Walk to the old lighthouse.
Fireworks store, every 4th of July!
Loading the car for the smuggling trip back home.