Hanibal Trip 2009

Hanhan's Parents Go To Hannibal.
Hanibal 2009-04
Mom with bike police, she likes the fat one!
Hanibal 2009-20
The Zhang family in Hannibal.
Hanibal 2009-22
Hanhan's parents enjoying Mark Twain's hometown.
Hanibal 2009-29
The sign explains Hannibal.
Hanibal 2009-30
Gary & Hanhan are having a nice day away from work.
Hanibal 2009-31
Hanhan and her dad looking for her mom.
Hanibal 2009-32
The lighthouse above the trees.
Hanibal 2009-33
At the founding point of Hannibal.
Hanibal 2009-34
The Zhang family at the Mark Twain memorial.
Hanibal 2009-36
On the Mississippi waterfront.
Hanibal 2009-37
Mark Twain is big here.
Hanibal 2009-38
Tom loves Becky!
Hanibal 2009-39
Becky loves Tom!
Hanibal 2009-40
Hanhan and the fishing pond.
Hanibal 2009-41
A view from Lover's Leap.
Hanibal 2009-46
Hanhan's dad at Lover's Leap.
Hanibal 2009-47
Hanhan and her mom over Hannibal.
Hanibal 2009-48
The Mark Twain riverboat.
Hanibal 2009-51
Chairman Mao's wish come true, Hanhan's dad in the Mississippi.
Hanibal 2009-55
Hanhan and mom play in the Mississippi.
Zhang family at the beach.
Gary throwing Hanhan in Mississippi.
Happy dad visited the Mississippi, fulfilling a dream.
Hanhan's parents in Little America. Couldn't afford Big America.
Walk to the old lighthouse.
Fireworks store, every 4th of July!
Loading the car for the smuggling trip back home.