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King's Island
King's Island is the greatest roller coaster park on Earth..
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Parents loved the Diamondback as you can tell
Parents on the Racer, a side-by-side roller coaster. First ride ever
The Racer, twin tracks
A modern steelroller coaster, the Vortex
Leaves a wake behind its so fast
Here we go
The Diamondback, tallest, fastest coaster on earth
The blue and red coasters are racing
The red one is winning
At the top of the Eiffel Tower
Hanhan and her parents had a lot of fun here
Gary overcame his fear of heights to be here
Ready to ride the Invertigo
The floor has dropped away and the ride is on
Hanhan's mouth is wide open as she screams
Twisted and rolled upside down at 70 MPH
Nik Wallenda going up to walk the highwire.
It's really high up there
Nik is 262 feet above the hard asphalt
Starting his walk. no harness, no nets. No brains
Balancing high above the crowd
This shows how far in the air he is
He's almost reached his destination, 860 feet from the start
Showing the height of the tower