New York 2021

We visited New York state a few times during the end of Covid
New York 2021-01
Best french onion soup comes from a diner!
New York 2021-02
Excellent turkey club and the world's finest fries!
New York 2021-03.jpg

View towards the Hudson

New York 2021-04.jpg

The town with the Mid-Hudson bridge.

New York 2021-05.jpg

Hanhan with the Mid-Hudson bridge

New York 2021-06.jpg

The Hudson river is a major transport artery, a fuel barge heading upriver.

New York 2021-07
Hanhan at the start of the pedestrian bridge over the Hudson.
New York 2021-08.jpg

Gary proudly wearing his purse.

New York 2021-09.jpg

The Hudson, even in a town, is beautiful.

New York 2021-10
This was a hot day, but we're in good sprits. No masks!
New York 2021-11

A well placed rest spot with cold drinks nearby.

New York has great recreation areas and parks.

New York 2021-12.jpg

The Walkway over the Hudson and the Mid-Hudson bridge make a nice view.

New York 2021-13.jpg

Hanhan and the Mid-Hudson bridge.

New York 2021-14.jpg

This time of year, everything is so green and fresh.

New York 2021-15
A monument honoring those who built the bridge.
New York 2021-16
The old supports and girders for the Mid-Hudson bridge.
New York 2021-17.jpg

Thie Mid-Hudson bridge was an engineering feat when it opened in the 1930s

New York 2021-18.jpg

The old railroad bridge was built in the 1880s and converted to a walkway in the 2010s

New York 2021-19
A 20 story glass elevator from the Hudson to the deck of the walkway.
New York 2021-20
There are 3 cantilever sections on the walkway bridge.
On our way to NYC, still have to wear masks on the train.
Times Square

Times Square is nowhere as crowded as we remember from prior visits.

Still empty by NYC standards
Time for a Halal lunch from a street vendor.
Fine NYC dining on a concrete block curbside.
This was the best food and the ambience was just what we wanted.
Hanhan at the entrance to Central Park, a long held desire of hers.
In Central Park with 'The Shard' in the background.

Central Park is just like the TV shows and movies. Benches and trees galore.

An underpass heading towards the Great Lawn. There was a woman inside singing opera.

The fountain is a popular place to lounge about on a warm day.

Taking a break from our stroll.
Hot, but happy to be just where we are.
We know why this is called Turtle Pond.
We think this is a Baltimore Oriole, but it's a beautifully colored bird regardless
Teddy Roosevelt in front of the Museum of National History.
Can't remember the building, but it is a private club/residential place.
Christopher Columbus monument. Now barricaded and guarded by NYC police.
Best banana pudding ever!
A REALLY skinny apartment building.
View from our 34th floor hotel room.

Times Square at night.

Harry Potter as a baby.

Favorite picture of Times Square!

Check out the names of the figures above the doors.
Hanhan's sliced noodles being prepared.
Gary and his pulled noodles. Delicious!
Burnt sugar boba tea!
A huge portion of pure delight!
Shanghai soupy buns. We really didn't need them, but they were too good to pass up.
Krispy Kream in Times Square. Gary apparently can't wait.
Just look at the glaze cascading down onto the warm donuts. Drool...
A closer look at the glazing.
Hanhan has her hat and her milk. All that's needed are the donuts.
Those billboards are bright! Some of them hurt your eyes.
At 'The Edge' in Hudson Yards. We'll be on that platform in a few minutes.

Breathtaking views from high above NYC

The Hudson and a bio-roof.
Hanhan and the Empire State Building
You can't tell that Gary doesn't like heights at all.
Looking down the Hudson towards Ellis Island you can see the new One Trade Center
Lady Liberty from the Edge

New York City is the Skyscraper Capital of the World.

Hanhan really enjoyed her visit to The Edge

See the cars WAY below Gary's feet?

The train yards that Hudson Yards gets its name from.

A nice skyline.

This is a glass platform over... nothing but air!
This is 'The Vessel' at Hudson Yards. 12 stories of intertwined copper stairs.
Last chance for NY cheesecake and Gary took it right outside Grand Central Station