Portland & Seattle 06/07/10

The Rose Garden and Seattle's Space Needle
Oregon Area 001
1 Idaho, next stop, Oregon!
Oregon Area 004
2 Lava area called Hell's Half Acre. This is a rest stop in Idaho.
Oregon Area 006
3 More flatten mountains and sagebrush.
Oregon Area 011
4 Finally! Oregon and free coffee.
Oregon Area 012
5 Portland Rose Garden. Before imports, Portland grew most roses for the U.S.
Oregon Area 017
6 Not roses, but still beautiful.
Oregon Area 018
7 Yellow roses and girl. Both pretty, one smells nice.
Oregon Area 019
8 Roses everywhere here, an archway outlines the path.
Oregon Area 020
9 Purple roses, quite rare.
Oregon Area 021
10 Surrounded by roses is a nice feeling.
Oregon Area 022
11 A fancy name for the Rose Garden.
Oregon Area 025
12 Closeup of a fine example of a rose.
Oregon Area 026
13 See the dew on the petals?
Oregon Area 027
14 This one smelled really good.
Oregon Area 028
15 My sweetie enjoying herself.
Oregon Area 033
16 Flowers all around.
Oregon Area 034
17 This was the champion rose of 1988.
Oregon Area 036
18 Ready to leave the Rose Garden after a great visit.
Oregon Area 037
19 Sculptures abound in downtown Portland.
Oregon Area 038
20 Otters along the street.
21 A street person trying to earn some money by posing as a statue.
22 The Space Needle in Seattle.
23 Going up in the needle.
24 John and Gary at the top.
25 Seattle from its most famous overlook.
26 Hanhan with the Seattle skyline.
27 The commemorative plaque at the Space Needle.
28 The waterfront here is a cool place to spend a few hours.
29 Crowded stalls feel like China.
30 Original Starbucks coffee.
31 This place advertised Handcrafted Cheese. Strange way to handcraft it.
32 The cheesecake was excellent! I didn't get a single bite.
33 The things hanging down are peppers at the produce stand.
34 The famous fish seller was closing, but we did see them throw fish.
35 Mount St Helens
36 Portland from Council Crest Park.
37 Enjoying our anniversary dinner. Five wonderful years.