Yellow Mountain 2007

Hanhan and her parents visited Yellow Mountain national park and its surrounding ancient villiages.
200 year old house living room layout.
In olden days, the owner's daughter lived on the 2nd floor. The opening was for her to peek at guys.
Old wedding bed. It is 2 meters long.
Old kitchen cabinet.
Xidi village is famous for wooden carves.
An ancient ceiling fan. Two persons held the rope and pulled it to make a breeze.
Mom and Dad sat on the chair that belongs to old village officials.
Hanhan is in the brides' sedan.
Family with the overview of Xidi village.
The last contribution gate. In the old days, the local officials got this gate from the emperor when they did good things for their country.
Hong village is surrounded by yellow mountain. Nice, quiet place.
Hanhan and Mom are listening to the tour guide.
A representative of old Anhui buildings. It was on a 1980s postage stamp.
A chair where people used to smoke opium.
In the silk factory. There are a lot of long, fat silkworms.
A silk spinning machine.
Separating twin silkworm cocoons.
Old ladies are making silk blankets. My mom bought one.
The next day is mother's day. I bought an amber bracelet for my mom.
Today is father's birthday. We went to a special yellow mountain restaurant to celebrate.
At the entrance of Yellow Mountain national park.
We took the cable car to 1500m. The scenery under us is so gorgeous.
We've climbed halfway now.
The caving stone. We are allowed to carve only here not anywhere else.
The most famous symbol of yellow mountain-The Welcome pine tree.
Everyone wants a picture of the tree.
In the old days, it was called "the fairy points direction" rock. Now it is called "cellphone" rock.
The most vertical passage in Yellow Mountain.
This pass is called "a little gap of the sky". Can you tell why?
Mom is finally through the pass.
Dad has to use his hands and legs.
Hanhan is resting on the rock.
The fish head stone. It is so vivid!
We are with two mountain peaks.
Yellow mountain has 36 lower peaks and 36 higher peaks.
Hanhan is with the lotus peak, called that because it looks like a lotus blossom.
Finally we are on 'Brightness Peak'. It is 1860m.
The flying-over stone.
People like to lock their love on the yellow mountain. This is called "lock stair".
Sunset 1.
Sunset 2.
Sunrise 1.
Sunrise 2.
Hanhan is taking pictures of the rising sun.
See the cloud ocean in the middle of the picture?
"Chinese people are a big happy family" pine tree.
"Gods playing chess" stone.
"Dream pen writes flower" stone.
Five fingers peak.
"umbrella" pine tree.
"husband and wife" tree. See how they grow together.
"The dragon paws" pine tree.
"The harp" pine tree. Its shape formed by snow.
Hanhan is in front of the "farewell" pine tree.
Mom is by the "tiger" pine tree.
A porter. They deliver everything to the businesses on the top. He is lifting fuel.
There is another 4 star hotel under construction. This is how they deliver all the materials.
After climbing yellow mountain, we went to the Anhui Poisonous Snake Research Center.
These snakes are extremely poisonous. They are called "five steps die" snakes.
In the yellow mountain city, this is their shopping center.