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Nanjing Oriental Chinese School
The first school I taught at in China. I liked the kids and the teachers here.
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The house I lived in. Quite a large house, but needed lots of work when I moved in.
The first thing you see inside the main gate to the campus is a beatiful fountain.
They are big on signs here, like this one to get you to stay off the grass.
I saw this sign when I came in the first night. The headlights of the car lit it just as the gates clanged shut.
The English teachers took me to eat the first day I was there. The goose was my favorite after this night!
The menu in some restaurants is the live item with a price. This is the snake available at $7 a pound!
Mid-autumn Festival is celebrated in pat with mooncakes. I don't like them, but the kids gave them to me so I ate one.