Tennessee 2008

Hanhan's Tennessee Odyssey
Indiana, the first state on the way to Tennessee.
Heading East on Interstate 74 through Indiana.
The destination hotel, at about 11 PM.
The Great Smoky Mountains from the window of the car.
One of many antique shops in the area.
Hanhan just liked this building.
Campground store in the National Park.
An old cabin is within walking distance now.
A meadow in front of the Great Smoky mountains.
A cool fence fronting the oldest house in the park.
Hanhan & Cassie in front of the 1820 cabin. Small, isn't it?
The fireplace of the cabin.
Hanhan leaving the cabin.
Hanhan (mostly) and the cabin.
A nice shot of a hillbilly and his cabin.
The front porch where the settlers would relax.
The cabin owner's grave. RIP John Oliver.
The group leaving the cabin grounds.
Looking down a valley near the cabin.
A deer in the forest looking for lunch.
Moss covered trees frame the deer.
A Methodist church from 1902.
Inside the church, everything is original, except the people.
Hanhan discovered a two-headed locust.
Peaceful scenery all around this area.
Sign explains an early mountain settlement.
The blacksmith's shop. This is the anvil area.
A cantilever barn, unique to this area.
Interior of the cantilever barn.
Hanhan posing at the old mill.
The grist mill with the waterwheel that powers it.
The grindstone grinds grain into meal and flour.
The before and after for grain in the mill.
Hanhan and kids in the old smokehouse.
Hanhan posing in front of an old barn.
An animal powered sorghum mill and the pit where the syrup is boiled down.
Looking into the flume that takes water to the grist mill.
Everyone tosses coins into the water for luck.
This water will power the grind stone in the mill.
Hanhan sitting on an old hay rake.
Close shot of the sorghum mill.
The merchant's house is the nicest in the settlement.
Cole found a snake.
A big black bear on his afternoon rounds.
Nothing in the forest can bother him so he is very relaxed.
A small cabin and the much larger barn.
A Civil War veteran's house.
A shot of the nice homestead.
Getting ready for horseback riding!
Hanhan and 'Dog'. A friendly steed indeed!
Heading down a narrow trail the view is, well, you know.
The ride is over, time to dismount.
Hanhan and the kids playing mini-golf.
Hanhan makes the shot and takes the lead!
Hanhan and the group enjoyed whitewater rafting.
Taking a plunge on the rapids cools you off on a hot day!
Where'd everybody go?
Hanhan is having a great time, can you tell?
The whole group survived thanks to their guide Britt.
The dock is near and everyone is happy.
The stuffed animal zoo.
A talking parrot in the zoo.
More beautiful parrots show off their colors.
A HUGE yellow python.
The snake handler and his charge.
A snake spots dinner.
He's got the rat, I think he's going to win!
Down the hatch, head first!
Only tail and feet remain outside the snake's mouth. Yum!
A color changing dragon (says Hanhan).
An Egyptian snake.
The cobra eating mongoose napping.
African snakes.
A cool looking cat napping. Look at the ears!
George the porcupine.
Rattlesnakes from the US Southwest.
The tortoise petting zoo.
Ostriches look like no other birds.
A pretty iguana sunning itself.
The zoo guide showing a snapping turtle.
Showing the soft belly of a baby alligator.
The bird's name is 'Big Boy' he is very clever.
George again, taking a walk across the stage.
The guide and his 'baby'.
Quick! Squish the tarantula!
Hanhan in front of Rainforest Adventure.
Hanhan likes his long tail.
Believe it or not we are going to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.
Big rug on the wall is made of chewing gum wrappers!
New Guinea artifacts, some of the stuff Ripley gathered around the world.
The Iron Maiden and its victim.
Kids with their mummy. Not mommy.
Chair for women who eat at McDonald's often.
Fossils and prehistoric items.
Hanhan at the Waffle House. Best breakfast in America!
Hanhan in the Indian trading post.