Covid-19 and How We Owned It

Trials, tribulations, and yes, fun with the pandemic.
Our grocery store was picked clean. People are scared.
Hanhan moved to work from home. Nicer home office than most we think.
Gyms were closed for the lockdown, so we created our own.
Memes cropped up quickly, but there's little humor.
Staying home leads to creative ways to pass the time.

We decided to stay in our house for 3 weeks at the onset. Shopping for the stay.

New checkout experience. Plexiglass barriers. Note no masks. Masks were not called for at the start.
We filled two shopping carts with our provisions.
Packed the fridge.
Packed the freezer too!
Gary needs accurate weather info to hide from the virus.
Covid? Frozen pizza to the rescue!
It's only been a few days and Gary has lost it, vacuuming the celling.

Hanhan wanted a bigger outdoor work area, so here's a patio.

Our nephew Troy gave us a source for masks and we ordered some.
The masks will come in handy for weight control according to the post.

Our new patio.

First hike during Covid time. Fueling ourselves.
We carry our masks while hiking, unless others get too close.
The hike is great, this stone double arch rail bridge is still in use.
We found the tracks, even watched a freight train go past.
The police were discouraging hikers. I got a lovely sticker glued to my window.
We followed the fad of being creative with food during lockdown.
Covid even affected the weather. It's May and look at the prep to go around the block.
Hanhan's friend sent her favorite snacks from China via DHL!
Enjoying the snacks from China.
Memorial Day and we're still locked down. Time to put the whirlygig up though.
Memorial Day flag display.

Memorial Day picnic with friends. Had to sneak because gatherings weren't allowed.

A rare pleasure. Walking with friends outdoors.
With no new experiences to be had, exotic food is a good substitute.
We have an excellent place to be locked down. Nearly dinner time.
Home office beautification.
Princess toast for Hanhan.
What a view at the office!
Workouts at home call for invention.
Gas is really cheap now.
Even from home Hanhan is at the top of her game.
All dressed up with nowhere to go.
TGI Friday Opened in Connecticut and we were there!
We started having groceries delivered.

Watched Space X send astronauts to the ISS, then bought a Tesla.

First car Hanhan has ever liked!
When they reopened we went to King Arthur for pastries. Nice to be out!
We eat on the patio a lot more after having the new one built.
Work has many different looks at home.

Celebrating Hanhan's 10th anniversary of US Citizenship.

Breaking up the boredom, a storm brought a tree down on power lines a block away.
Taking our first Tesla road trip.
Thankfully, the Midwest was open for business. Waffle House!
Gage loved the Model 3. A close fit, but we let him take it for a spin.
Troy and Hanhan are both very adventurous especially with food.

Hammer Family picnic continued, albeit in the country vs a park.

Visited our niece Tammy and her family in KCK.

Did a lot of sightseeing in just a few days.
This is the Kansas City train station.
Beautiful area surrounding KC.
Pretty happy to be outside with no masks.
Went to have a drink and were surprised to see how empty the place was.
Downtown Peoria was as empty as Kansas City. People are too afraid to go out.
Eating dinner at a gas station on the way home.
Hanhan has the triple screen office up and running.
Looks like three screens wear you out...
King Arthur for the start of a trip to New Hampshire.
The 44th parallel runs right though the front yard of someones house.
Worst 'scenic' train ride ever.
Away from the tourists, we found a great Mexican place.
This is the reason for our trip, riding a cog train to the top of Mt. Washington.
Everyone is masked, all aboard.
Kind of strange, yet becoming so normal.
It was SO foggy at the summit.
The tracks simply disappear into the mist.
Our great bed and breakfast in North Conway.
The B&B served an excellent breakfast made to order.
The presentation is outstanding.
We stopped at Flume Gorge.
A beautiful place, lots packed into a short loop.
Thieves have become active in our neighborhood so we installed motion lights.
With everyone on lockdown, nature has rebounded. This bear sauntered through our backyard.
Peking duck, Hammer style.
The nice part of stay at home is the eating.
Trunk picnic.
Have mask, will eat! This is the best soft serve ever. Maple ice cream.
Car parades are a thing now. This is for some kid's birthday.
Making ribs for some friends.
This is what 13 pounds of ribs looks like.
Dinner in Corning, NY. A little diner with a one-armed waitress.
The Corning Glass Museum.
All sorts of glass artwork. Simply amazing.
Lots of demonstrations were offered.
After a hard day's work, enjoy a beverage on your patio.
Water lillies in bloom.
A favorite place for a favorite passtime.
Surprises are always fun, even more if its a lobster roll for lunch!
Masked and lined up for a hot apple cider donut.
Mid-Autumn Festival dinner.
Our moon cake substitute.
Viewing the moon on Mid-Autumn Festival evening.
A little backyard fun.
Weiners over an open fire. Yum!
Enjoying my food.
The fire is mesmerizing.
Hanhan has returned to her office after 7 months. The cube has new plexiglass extensions for isolation now.