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Fireworks Trip
Ed, Gary, Hanhan & Jeff drove to Hannibal, Missouri to get fireworks for the Hammer Family annual celebration.
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Hanhan at the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge, it's gone now but the plaque lives on.
Hanhan in Becky Thatcher's Butterfly garden.
A steamboat on the Mississippi River.
Hanhan in front of Hannibal and the Mississippi River.
Hanhan welcomes you to Mark Twain's hometown.
On the way to the fireworks shop to get Independence Day supplies!
Hanhan wants one of the huge fireworks in the shop.
She has her basket and is shopping for more fireworks.
Hanhan with the load in the rear of the van we drove.
Hanhan in front of the haunted house that was mentioned in Tom Sawyer.
Hanhan is looking for the skeleton.
In front of Becky Thatcher's house, she was Tom Sawyer's first sweetheart.
Hanhan in front of the famous fence from Tom Sawyer.
Ed & Jeff in front of Mark Twain's boyhood house.
Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, and Hanhan.
Looking down the old main street.
Hanhan feeding the horse that pulls a carriage around Hannibal.
After feeding him, Hanhan makes friends with the horse.
In front of the old friends, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
Hanhan and Mark Twain. She even got his autograph.
A view from our car driving along the Interstate highway.