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Random Illinois Photos
Just some random shots from around the Peoria, Illinois area
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My grade school, Kingman.
This is where I spent many a summer day with my friends.
This was where I'd wait to see my dad to get a ride 1 block home. Lazy, eh?
Grandview park, overlooking the Illinois River.
This is a nice place to relax.
Cool breezes, shade, nice view. A perfect place for a summer day.
A random shot while driving along.
Can you find the house?
It's peaking out now.
I've had many picnics on this grassy area.
A final look at 'The World's Most Beautiful Drive'
I always liked this house, it has lots of windows to enjoy the view.
This is taken from Grandview Drive, atop the bluff in Peoria.
As far as the eye can see once you leave the cities.
Their swimming pool. A great place to have a cold one after work.
Ed and Sharon's yard.
Their front porch.
The backyard with the BBQ grill. Lots of burgers and 'dogs have been burned on that.
Their yard looks like a park, don't you think?
Illinois is very flat and full of corn and soybeans.