Bay of Fundy and Area

The Bay of Fundy and St John are a must do if you are near there.
Can't wait for my very first donut at Holy Donut! Came here again on the way home they were so good.
Since Hanhan has visited all 50 U.S. States, we decided to get all Canadian Provinces.
This is the Canadian Google.
You have questions, they have answers.
St. John River flowing to the sea at low tide.
Our first day in Canada, and the first view of the tides.
Hanhan likes tall men.
Another view of the level 5 rapids on the St. John River.
Those all actually water falls, but they have been eroded over the past 3,000 years.
The Native God shrank the giant beavers in order to prevent floods on the large rivers.
Here, Hanhan poses with a giant beaver right before it is forever shrunk…
Moosehead beer is brewed right here in St. John. Excellent beer!
Music, beer, and delicious curries on the wharf.
First day? Success!
Oldest city market in Canada. So, we visited and had swell coffee.
Note the little mermaid in the picture.
No, not Hanhan, the one up by the clock on the building.
Maritime city and region you know.
Lots and lots of very fresh produce and fruit here. Meat, fish, a great market.
Canada thinks that those who were for the British in 1776 were Loyalists.
I'm wearing the traditional redcoat in their honor.
It a very hilly town and well kept. The entire downtown is filled with execellent old buildings like these.
There are a number of wooden sculptures around the city.
We thought they were pretty cool, and fun to look at.
From Maine all the way to St. John, there are highway warning signs about the moose.
This is the only moose we came across during our trip.
It seemed to be no…
Canada is celebrating their 150th anniversary.
We helped make it official in our small way.
At the harbor with a working lighthouse in the background.
Look at the detail on this building.
We walked and drove around to see all the cool architecture they have.
Nice condos that have a harbor view.
No idea how much it is, but one of these is for sale.
Hanhan found a house made just for her.
Dwarf door!
I think they used to have lots of coal burning around here.
Neat neighborhood of rowhouses.
Loyalist church.
One of their parks, Canada has a lot of royal named places and streets.
This one is mine.
That is a paper and pulp mill at the Reversing Rapids.
Irving Companies own quite a lot of this province.
We certainly enjoyed their facilities during our…
This bridge marks where two ancient tectonic plates ran into each other when the earth looked much different than today.
There is light and dark rock on either…
At Irving Nature Park.
Going to see some seals and the raw nature of the coastline.
The seals are supposed to be on the rocks and beach behind Hanhan.
Like the moose, none were seen on our trip.
Stunning coastline. Not where you'd go for sunning and swimming though.
This is a picture of the bridge during slack tide. That is when the pressure from the ocean and the river are equal and the water becomes calm.
It only lasts…
A local fried food shop, Bob's Corner Cafe.
We had the best fish and chip along with fried clams.
Friendly, inexpensive, local as they come.
Our order, including that Canadian special food, poutine.
Fries, cheese curd, and gravy. Delicious!
More of the cool wooden statues.
My Canadian friends. They don't ask a lot.
A rare double covered bridge. This one is outside St. Martins.
Lobster boats are hard aground during low tide.
A Hanhan-size lighthouse just above the waterline.
This rocky area is covered by the ocean half the day. When the tide is out, you can walk on the ocean floor like Hanhan is doing.
I found the sea caves!
Not really, everyone knows the famous sea caves at St. Martins.
Only reachable at low tide.
Walking in the kelp on the seafloor.
The kelp next to Gary would be taller then he is if the tide was in.
Swaying to and fro with the waves.
Luckily for Gary, they are laying flat awaiting the…
Showing her sheer joy of the morning, enjoying the salt air, the sun, and the sea.
The tide is way out and the kelp monster has Gary surrounded.
Run Gary run!
Gary is looking at the water coming back in.
The tide here rises one foot every 10 minutes.
Time to head for the road.
Looking for a way back without getting muddy.
The kelp show the level of water that is there during high tide.
Another sea cave before we head for safety
The emergency escape rope.
This area is a cove with many sea caves.
The sea floor here is not littered with rocks because of the cliff walls.
The morning sun is warm and Hanhan is enjoying it seaside.
At the waterline. In a few minutes, this area was under water.
The beginning of the Fundy Trail.
Flowerpot Rock. A rare formation that is caused by tidal erosion.
This beach looks almost perfectly rectangular.
One of many waterfalls we visited on the Fundy Trail.
Hanhan climbing a cable staircase.
Cool idea and worked very well.
Another view of the cable staircase.
Our seaside snacks.
A beautiful place on a beautiful day.
The scenery is stunning all along the trail.
The Big Salmon River meets the Bay of Fundy.
No salmon in the river though.
Hanhan and the suspension bridge.
Can you find it?
Gary likes these bridges. This one has a capacity of 10 people. 5 if they are Americans.
Trying to find salmon in the crystal clear water.
Hanhan, the road bridge, and suspension bridge.
Another cable staircase. Regular stairs wouldn't work around here.
This one has lots of stairs suspended in midair.
Wild New Brunswick coastline.
This is why we're here.
I can see Nova Scotia from my back porch.
There is a very deep, clear pool for swimming at the bottom of the falls.
The end of the trail, Long Beach.
Been a great visit.
In our honor, the park is now Hammer land!
These are the sea caves we explored at low tide. This is around 6 hours later.
Gary & Hanhan enjoying lobster from the sea right behind us.
A great way to finish a great day!
Early moning fog and tidal pools in Irving Nature Park.
Walking on the boulder strewn sea floor.
In the fog, it's very quiet here.
Looking for seals, but again, none to be found.
This is noon at the Bay of Fundy.
We had excellent weather for the previous days, now it is normal weather.
Cool, damp, foggy.
Soon the rain will come.
Hanhan on the boardwalk into the estuary. It is cold, raining, and windy.
Yet, we're having fun here.
These wetlands are the nursery for many, many ocean creatures from shrimp to Blue Heron.
In the New Brunswick Museum, Hanhan was turned into a Luna Moth
There is a Right Whale above Gary.
A complete whale skeleton.

St. John Harbor and downtown from Fort Howe.
The fort was built to protect against American rebel attack during two wars.

I claimed the fort for America.
Never let your guard down Canada!
Getting the stocks ready for Hanhan.
A wonderful dinner at Taste of Egypt.
Traditional Egyptian fare. Excellent final dinner in St. John.

The Reversing Rapids in action

The Bay of Fundy tide is coming in. This makes the St. John River flow backwards!

At low tide these are the sights and sounds of the beach along the Bay of Fundy

Listen to the waves breaking on the beach.