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Mid Autumn Festival 2006
We went on an outing to Dragon Head Park with 40 people. Had a great time.
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Welcome to Dragon Head Island Park
Everyone else had the guy carrying the girl...
Our team, the Wolf Killers!
Hanhan getting ready to fall into her team's arms.
Have to be straight and stiff.
A nice drop and catch.
Of course the foreigner has to do it too.
They didn't drop me!
Gary coaching on the placement of the board being moved by the team.
The team deciding how to move the boards and barrels without touching the ground.
Have to get everyone on the team over a 4 meter (15 foot) wall.
Gary going over the wall.
Hanhan enjoying the reward, BBQ.
Some of our team members and new friends. Food for 6 with only 3 eating!
Gary with some of the guides at dinner.
At the bonfire after dinner to end the day.