Oregon Visit 2003

Pictures from the Portland area
Oregon June 2003-01
The drive up the Columbia River.
Oregon June 2003-02
A big rock column in the river.
Oregon June 2003-03
One of many islands as seen from a bridge.
Oregon June 2003-05
Wind skiers love the Gorge.
Oregon June 2003-07
With a tour boat.
Oregon June 2003-10
It looks like lots of fun to me.
Oregon June 2003-12
Here's Angelo bragging about how big it is!
Oregon June 2003-13
Lots of beautiful scenery on our drive.
Oregon June 2003-14
The tour boat has returned so we should be on our way.
Oregon June 2003-15
Multnomah Falls, a favorite spot for tourists.
Oregon June 2003-18
Multnomah Falls again, it is just off the highway, maybe 200 meters.
Oregon June 2003-20
I'm standing on a footbridge leading to the bottom of the falls.
Oregon June 2003-21
Angelo, John, and Elena enjoying ice cream on a hot day.
Oregon June 2003-22
A last view of Multnomah Falls.
Oregon June 2003-23
Just down the road, standing on a bridge near another waterfall.
Oregon June 2003-24
Nice, quiet, babbling brook through the forest.
Oregon June 2003-26
This scenic road passes many waterfalls.
Oregon June 2003-29
Walking along the bank through the forest.
Oregon June 2003-30
A hidden waterfall. We walked quite awhile to get here.
Oregon June 2003-31
Me, standing under an old stone bridge.
View from the scenic highway we're on.
Looking in another direction.
Crown Point Vista House, at one time this was a private home.
The owner had some beautiful views.
The view from a different side of the house.
A last view from Crown Point Vista House.
The fellas plotting what to do next.
A view of Crown Point Vista House from far down the road.
Timberline lodge at Mt. Hood
The windows have a steel brace to hold the weight of the snow in the winter!
Info about the lodge in the fireplace lounge.
Me, Daryl, John, and Elena having a rest.
I'm ready for a hike to the top. Luckily, my senses returned.
A map of the area in the visitor center.