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Oregon Visit 2003
Pictures from the Portland area
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The drive up the Columbia River.
A big rock column in the river.
One of many islands as seen from a bridge.
Wind skiers love the Gorge.
With a tour boat.
It looks like lots of fun to me.
Here's Angelo bragging about how big it is!
Lots of beautiful scenery on our drive.
The tour boat has returned so we should be on our way.
Multnomah Falls, a favorite spot for tourists.
Multnomah Falls again, it is just off the highway, maybe 200 meters.
I'm standing on a footbridge leading to the bottom of the falls.
Angelo, John, and Elena enjoying ice cream on a hot day.
A last view of Multnomah Falls.
Just down the road, standing on a bridge near another waterfall.
Nice, quiet, babbling brook through the forest.
This scenic road passes many waterfalls.
Walking along the bank through the forest.
A hidden waterfall. We walked quite awhile to get here.
Me, standing under an old stone bridge.
View from the scenic highway we're on.
Looking in another direction.
Crown Point Vista House, at one time this was a private home.
The owner had some beautiful views.
The view from a different side of the house.
A last view from Crown Point Vista House.
The fellas plotting what to do next.
A view of Crown Point Vista House from far down the road.
Timberline lodge at Mt. Hood
The windows have a steel brace to hold the weight of the snow in the winter!
Info about the lodge in the fireplace lounge.
Me, Daryl, John, and Elena having a rest.
I'm ready for a hike to the top. Luckily, my senses returned.
A map of the area in the visitor center.