Various Pictures of Nanjing

These are various images from in and around Nanjing when I lived there in 2002-2003.
The landscape crew.
National Day Banquet-1
Me at the National Day banquet. Lots of food and drink.
National Day Banquet-2
Some of the entertainment offered.
National Day Banquet-3
A butter sculpture. No, I didn't use him for my bread.
Nanjing At Night-1
More neon, downtown anywhere looks like Las Vegas.
Nanjing At Night-2
A very cool sculpture commemorating the New Nanjing Bridge.
Three Flags
Our three flags. America, China, Pepsi.
A guy out for the evening's main course.
Fish Farm-1
The fish farm again. Quite popular here.
Fishing Boat-1
Someones fishing boat.
Down The River
A fish farm in a river.
Fish Farm-2
The fish pens. You see these anywhere there is some even small amount of water.
A couple of women taking it easy under the shade tree.
Float Fishing
In the water are 100s of empty 2 liter bottles. They are float fishing here.
Water Buffalo-1
A smart water buffalo keeping cool on a hot day.
Construction Cranes
In the distance you see the national symbol of China.
The same women from a different angle.
Fishing Boat-2
Looks unstable to me, but I'm not a fisherman.
A Junk
A 'Junk', Chinese river barge.
Nanjing School Centennial
These students are helping celebrate their school's 100th anniversary.
Hunan Lu(Road) at night. Neon is very popular.
The biggest sign at the entry to Hunan Lu
A double decker bus. Not for tourists, but because they need the extra room.
An average street in Nanjing.
A good rule if drivers would only obey it.
People always want their kids to say "Hi". Even if they can't.
Our fireworks all ready for New Year's.