Missouri 2008

Hanhan & Gary take a trip to Missouri to visit an old friend and to play.
St. Louis Skyline.
Hanhan at the steps of the Gateway Arch.
Lloyd, Ilene, & Gary.
Hanhan & Gary on Lloyd's porch.
Ozark mountain view.
Hanhan with canoes.
Canoes ready for launching.
Hanhan, Lloyd, & Gary ready to set out on a hard journey.
The adventurers survived and celebrate with a beer!
Hanhan on the hotel porch, it is decorated in pioneer style.
The stone building that is the variety store and hotel office.
The carriage that the hotel is named for. Carriage Inn.
Main street in Eminence.
The first settler's cabin.
The restaurant and bar, one of two in the area.
It is a friendly, well kept town.
Hanhan and the town plaque.
Eminence City limits, population 548. Salute!
Hanhan near Ozark National Park.
Foot bridge over a stream fed by spring water.
A beautiful, peaceful scene like many we enjoyed.
The old one room schoolhouse.
Inside the schoolhouse, notice the schedule on the blackboard.
This desk survived from 1897 to 1957!
The old flour mill.
The flume from the turbine of the mill.
Ranger giving a demonstration of the roller mill.
Common sense prevented injuries in those days.
Alley Spring.
The head gate that controls how much water gets to the mill turbine.
The spring produces 81 million gallons of crystal clear water a day.
The waterfall where the spring gives life to a stream is Hanhan's favorite.
200 miles away from the spring, we are ready to enter Onondaga Cave.
A stalactites formation.
The Twins, huge stalagmites. The white one is still growing.
Spooky looking cavern!
Flowing rock, very beautiful.
Overall shot of the biggest room in the cave.
A very rare formation called lily pads.
Looks like something from a fairy tale, doesn't it?
A thin wall produced by a crack in the cave rock above.
Stubborn mule mommy and baby.
Gateway Arch reaching to the sky.
Hanhan at the base of the Arch.
Inside the Arch museum, Hanhan trys a steamboat wheel.
Gary with a buffalo rifle. Sunburn is from the canoe trip!
Hanhan wants to live in the genuine Indian teepee.
One of the carriages along the Mississippi River.
Lots of carriages await your business.
The Mississippi River front at the Arch.
The Eads Bridge was opened in 1876 and is still used today!
Lewis and Clark return to St Louis after their journey of exploration.