CCTV Movie Set

A day at a CCTV movie set. Many famous Chinese films were made here and it is still in use.
Three Kingdoms set entrance
A symbol of the era. Each leg represents one Kingdom.
Heading to the 'Water War' set.
Sea watch towers.
The signal gong, charge, retreat, dinner, etc.
Hanhan on the command ship.
Hanhan and the 'Han' flag.
View of the towers and boat from a parapet.
Walking along the city wall.
A sick Hanhan on the wall. She just didn't feel good all day.
Grouchy Gary lays down the law! Warm Pepsi, walk here, back to there...
Seven Stars altar. A general convinced people he could tell from here when a favorable wind would come.
The General's command post. And our two commanders.
A riding area. No jousting though. Pity.
Ride 'em Hanhan!
'Sea' defenses on Tai Lake.
Palace guard tower.
Entrance to an Emperor's palace.
Palace walls with temples in the distance.
Gung Fu practice poles, to improve your balance. Don't slip!
On the palace grounds.
There is a Princess in the tower. Honest!
Hanhan posing with an ancient instrument.
View from palace door towards the gate.
The set for sea-based wars. They burn all this when they make a movie.
Looks real, eh?
Look Ma! I'm a giant!
Nice detail in pictures. Not too bad in person either.
This set is for the Chi Bi burning war.
Dewdrop Temple. Like the Do-Drop Inn.
All concrete but real looking at a distance.
'Flying roof head' and 'Walking wall'
Nobody had any idea what this was, but it looked cool so here it is.
The sign reads 'Become friends in the peach garden'
How to become friends? Cut off the head of a horse and a cow I guess.
The Shu King and his court.
The Wu King and his generals.
Han guards are 2 meters tall (but only in statues!)
Hanhan and the Kong Ming locks.
A Gung Fu show is about to begin.
Two fighters with spears attack one Gung Fu 'master'.
Now they duel with swords.
Carried aloft on the tips of spears!
Hanhan the mighty archer.
A rich landowner's house in the Water Margin garden. He's always the villain by the way.
Military Headquarters building. Most movies are about war it seems.
A map of old China showing the Kingdoms as they were.
A set used to show the hero has gotten in trouble and lost his status by being sent here.
Where the hero hides when he's in trouble.
A view of the hero's town.
A favorite place, the Concubines' dressing room.
Capital city's downtown district.
Da Xiang Temple.
My Gung Fu Concubine attacks without warning!
Applying the Dragon flying kick. Ouch!!!
The master has been defeated.
Company headquarters near the palace.
Wife's parlor, for entertaining, dressing, gossip.
A different capital set. For a different era.
Downtown area for another era. It's easy to time travel walking through here.
Gate to the county. Remember, all cities were walled at the time.
Drawbridge over a moat. No dragon though, what a pity.
My concubine in jail for beating master!
Ye old butcher shop. Appetizing.
Outside the Mongolian village set.
Complete with yurts. Didn't see any yaks though.
The characters say 'Water Margin Mountain'
Finally the day is done and we are leaving.