Shitai Aug 2005

The Shitai area is a newly opened resort location. Lots of nice people and outdoor stuff to do. Off limits to foreigners, but I didn't know until we had left! Very nice place, I recommend it.
Hanhan at the King's cave.
Stone shaped like a light, just kidding.
A rock that looks like a magic pen.
A 'wine' spring. Helps you to see the other shapes.
Waterfall of rock.
Hanhan's Dad back at the wine spring.
The Elf's Tower
5 mice worshiping the phoenix. It what they said anyway.
Fairy's platform
The government officials & the King.
Hanhan, mom, and dad.
A fairy part in the cove.
Hanhan & Gary at the exit.
Hanhan's mom & dad at the exit, now we'll get some food.
Waterfall on the path back to the gate.
We are pretty high. Didn't know we had hiked so far inside the caves!
In front of the 'No Trespassing' sign.
The next day a trip to a small town, this is a stream along the way.
Farmer Gary picking peppers.
A family's 'big house'.
The culture museum.
Anti-Japanese writings from 60 years ago.
Anti-Qing Dynasty writings from 100 years ago.
A cool doorway. I like the dragons.
Typical building in town.
Inside the granary.
Hanhan's mom playing in the water.
Farm implements, still used today.
Sharing some weird snack. (Yuck!!!)
Down a dangerous path to a bridge.
We are making it bit by bit.
Small falls hidden among the mountains.
Hanhan posing in front of the falls.
Now Mom & Dad pose.
The 4 travelers.
Framed by the trees.
It's a popular place on a hot day like this.
The women washing up after the climb here.
Note the panels at the top. They are slogans from the Cultural Revolution.
There are cactus on the roof. Trust me.
Rocky place, isn't it?
Hanhan's mom, Hanhan, and our driver on a small dam.
At the "Power Rock"
Nice scenery reminds me of Georgia a bit.
A rickety suspension bridge. Yes, it bounces well.
Cliffs above us.
A wet Gary. I had to save her dad's glasses from the stream.
After the village, we went rafting down another stream.
Passing some cliffs along the way.
After the heavy storm the day before, there are falls on the cliffs.
Gentle bend in the stream.
At a camping area down stream we stopped to play. Here, we climb the tower.
Hanhan made it to the top!
All of us made it actually.
Wondering how to get down.
Just hanging out relaxing a bit and taking in the view.
Hanhan at play!
Having fun!!!
Hanhan needs a push!
Tired group at the end of a full day.