Turtle Head Island

Turtle Head Island is in Tai Lake near our home and quite the popular tourist destination.
At the entrance to Turtle Head Island Park, the day begins.
You gotta stop and smell the roses. Ok, they're not roses...
A view from our boat to a small island on the way to the main island.
I don't know what I've done! But I'm getting 'the look'.
An ancient lighthouse. Still in use today as far as I can tell.
A wealthy person's retreat. Isolated for sure.
Our destination dead ahead.
The Zhang Family on deck, ready for action.
Entrance to Tai Hu Fairy Island.
The Monkey King's birthplace. I like the Monkey King TV shows!
An old ship on Tai Lake.
Old women near Tai Lake. Ha!
A stone fisherman with real fishermen in the background.
'Heart Lock' You have your names carved on a padlock and lock it here to seal your love.
The Zhang family hearts need no lock to remain true.
The matchmaker's temple. Lots of people take their sweeties here.
Nearing a Daoist temple. Daoism was founded here on this island. Of course, there are many Dao sites to visit.
The obligatory incense stencher.
Hanhan's Dao guardian 'angel'.
Guan Yu (Money God), very popular!
Gary's guardian.
Climbing to the Jade Emperor's Temple.
A fresco inside the temple, raised relief and many 100s of years old.
The Jade Emperor. This is 5 stories high and inside the temple.
Three Mountain Dao Temple.
Hanhan looks happy to see the Jade Emperor.
Outside, with a floating, rotating marble ball.
Together in front of the same fountain.
A last look at the incense stencher and temple.
Galaxy Falls. No idea why they are called that.
Little caves or grottoes with Buddhas in them.
Reclining (Laying) Buddha. As big as the one in the temple.
One of the Buddhas in the caves.
The scene shows the founder of Daoism was born.

A panoramic view of the area.

The child when he grew up. He was in his mother for 800 years. Labor? Don't know.
Fairyland falls.
Hanhan's father at the Jade Empress' bath pool.
'Dreams Come True' bridge. If you cross it your dream has come true.
Resting at a pagoda near a scenic spot. It's been a long walk with lots of climbing.
A turtle's shell, dragon's head, fish's tail, tiger's feet!
Wu & Yue Breeding Area. A place where those Dynasties came to, well...
World's largest coin! Certified by Guinness according to the sign.
Yun Xiao Temple.
Sino-Japanese Friendship pavilion. Needs a little work. The friendship that is.