Air Force Museum

The Air Force Museum is the coolest place ever.
A new state for the parents.
Hanhan & Gary love Ohio.
Admiring the craftsmanship.
WW I planes.
One of many planes here, this place is HUGE.
A BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fuc*er) B-52.
Hanhan and mom with RC-4.
Zhang family and F-22 Raptor
Nose art on WW II plane.
This is just one hangar at the museum.
A B-2 bomber.
SR-71, still the fastest, highest plane on Earth.
SR-71 engine, gotta be big to push so hard.
This is the SR-71 engine. Designed in the 1950s.
A Chinese spy with an A-10 attack plane.
Chinese spies with their hands up after being caught.
F-17 stealth fighter, now retired.
Hanhan's dad is surprised by all the technology on display here.
Gary & Hanhan with a rescue helicopter.
An Apollo moon capsule. Very cool.
A Mercury capsule.
Button 32b, button 32b...
I like the little mirror mounted here. You think they had to backup?
Lovely ICBMs
Nuclear warheads waiting for a commie.
A Minuteman launch control capsule.
Zhang family in the hall of missiles.
Posing in front of some ICBMs.
Parents with ICBMs.
An overview of the hangar.
Looking the opposite direction.
The biggest propeller plane on Earth.
An old trainer hung from the ceiling.
The group of travelers.
Zhang family with an expensive background.
Apollo moon capsule.
Hanhan and H-bomb. Which is hotter?
Hanhan's mom loves the Bomb.
Her dad has two!
That bomb fits inside that plane. He'll help.
They can't get enough of the Bomb.
Mom and daughter with a cute little Bomb.
A B-58 with the motto "Willing, Ready, Able"
A view down the gallery. A day is not enough time to see everything.
An F-86 cutaway, still cool after 50 years.
Zhang family enjoying another plane.
Gary has to get a picture or two.
An amphibious plane.
More nose art.
Here's hoping!
Soviet SAM-2 missile.
An F-4, workhorse of the Vietnam war.
A Predator unmanned plane.
Mom loves the MIG killer.
Another unmanned plane. Note the mission marks on it.
Hanhan and dad leaving a simulator.
More nose art.
More nose art.
Nose art from the plane that destroyed Nagasaki, Bockscar.
Outside the museum after a great day.
Every US base has a plane on a pole.
Gary & Hanhan had a nice day.
Parents did too.
One of many memorials at the museum.
My favorite, "Victors in the Cold War"