Random Wuxi Photos

Random photos from around Wuxi.
We lived in a fishing village and these are some of the boats people live on.
Yu Guang Xiang Yacht Club! That is the name of the village we lived in.
At Spring Festival time, trains are standing room only. What a joy!
This is Nanjing Lu (road) in Shanghai. The best shopping in China.
For Year of the Dog (2006) the dalmatians got put to use again.
A woman in our village selling Chinese chia pets. We bought several!
Noodles hanging out to dry. Later they will be cooked and sold at this cafe.
Wild duck hotel.
These fishermen are pretty friendly. Wave at the camera!
Truck patches near our house. Guess what they do with pig manure here?
Neighbors letting their blankets get a little sun. Everyone does this for some reason.
The Zhang family near a temple in downtown Wuxi
Me with my OLD Chinese friends. Rather stiff bunch though.
The Walking Street reflecting pool.
The main intersection in Wuxi at night.
Same place, different people.
Snooker bring a family together
Hanhan is winning her inheritance tonight!
Hanhan is getting a lesson from the ping pong master
A sunset view.
Enjoying a bit of the coffee in my official Starbucks Wuxi coffee cup!
When the water main from the school water tower broke, one guy with a wrench and a tarp came to fix it. It finally ran dry hours later...
A little shop outside Guanghua where I got my Pepsi and beer. They closed at 7 when the gates closed!
A highway being built 4 feet from the school building I taught in. Look at the brick manholes too. Poor planning and shoddy workmanship!
The bike shack where I bought my fine ride.
A Mongolian couple who made the best pocket bread thing. They are gone now, got to beautify the area you know.
The characters read "If you want to be rich have only one child". I think zero works even better!
Million dollar house. It is on the main street in downtown Wuxi.
The church in downtown Wuxi. Both Chinese and English service are offered.
My favorite way to watch TV, with my eyes closed. Geez, I look like a bum covered in rags!
Hanhan and our fine American snacks all ready for the Super Bowl kickoff. Looks excited at 8 AM, eh?
An old way of life, living on the water, cook, clean, bathe. No longer though.
An old brick bridge over a canal near the university.
Riding through a little village you see many old houses some with new ones right on top of them.
This is in a ghost town. I have no idea what this round building was. Very odd with doors, windows, completely open inside.
A stone building that has partially collapsed. No mortar is used to hold these together, just the fit and weight keep it standing.
A cat walking down a path near an old workshop.